Saturday, December 21, 2013

Outlet Gallery: Two Shows

“3 Artists / 3 Weeks 
Featuring Mary Judge, John Redmann, and Ned Shalanski
 15 Artists in Black and White”
With Wayne Adams, Emily Berger, Rico Gatson, Letha Wilson,
Audra Wolowiec, Brent Everett Dickinson, Joshua Cave, Reid Strelow, Sarah Lee,
Sophia Wallace, Michael Alongi, Tim Campbell, Shannon Finnegan,
Jen Hitchings, and Brittany Market

At Outlet, Dec. 13 – 29, 2013 

Mary Judge

Mary Judge

John Redmann

Ned Shalanski

Audra Wolowiec (left), Wayne Adams (top), Emily Berger (right)

Audra Wolowiec

Emily Berger

Wayne Adams

Sara Lee (above) and Brent Everett Dickinson (below)

Rico Gatson

Joshua Cave

Joshua Cave

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