Saturday, February 20, 2016

“Heliotrope” at ODETTA Gallery

 at ODETTA Gallery

In James Joyce’s masterpiece, Finnegan’s Wake, the heliotrope is one of several key motifs, symbolizing resurrection, rebirth, revolution, and enlightenment. As we move through winter into spring, these artists’ works uniquely address the range of meanings, both physically and socially, that this metaphor inspires.

Jan. 15 – March 6, 2016

Featured in the main gallery:
Lisa DiLillo, Eva Mueller, Mary Temple, and Jo Yarrington

Heliotrope’s featured flat file artists are:
William Holton, Ellen Kozak, John Mendelsohn, Lourdes Rivera, and Kevin Ryan

About the Flat Files:
The Flat Files at ODETTA are a gallery within a gallery, curated to tie in with each exhibition, located in the back of the gallery in the studio of Ellen Hackl Fagan.

Save the Date: Sunday Feb. 28th at 3pm

Artist and musician Tony Saunders will perform “Compositions,” a sound collage referencing Jo Yarrington’s installation of pianola rolls and themes of transition inspired by Heliotrope.
Followed by
Talking About Writing About Art” a discussion with John Mendelsohn, artist and critic.

Views from the Main Gallery:
Jo Yarrington (detail)

Jo Yarrington installation

Lisa DiLillo

Lisa DiLillo

Eva Mueller

Mary Temple

Views from the Flat Files:

John Mendelsohn

John Mendelsohn

Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan

Ellen Kozak
Ellen Kozak

William Holton

Lourdes Rivera