Saturday, January 25, 2014

Post 2 of 4: “Paperazzi 3” at Janet Kurnatowski

Post 2 of 4
“Paperazzi 3” at Janet Kurnatowski
Jan 17 - Feb 15, 2014
205 Norman Ave, Brooklyn NY 11222
Gallery Hours:  Fri & Sat 1-7pm & Sun 1-6pm 

(clockwise from bottom left) Brent Hallard, Carrie Beckmann,
Katherine Mojzsis, Gelah Penn, Theresa Ellerbrock, and Julie Torres

(clockwise from bottom left) Louise P. Sloane, Jessica Snow, Mark Dagley,
Don Voisine, Steven Alexander, and Dee Shapiro

Mark Dagley (left) and Don Voisine

Geoff Young

(clockwise from bottom left) Geoff Young, Julie Gross, Katsuhisa Sakai, and Lauren Bakoian

(clockwise from bottom left) Emily Berger, Suejin Jo, Kim Uchiyama, Russell Roberts,
Anne Russinof, and Jenna Ransom

Anne Russinof

Jenna Ransom

Emily Berger

Marianne Barcellona

(clockwise from bottom left) Tony Saunders, Neddi Heller, Joanne Freeman

Tony Saunders

Gudrun Mertes-Frady

(clockwise from bottom left) Chris Martin, Philip Knoll, Thomas Micchelli, and Marianna Rothen

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