Saturday, July 12, 2014

Arshille Gorky and Contemporary Drawings at Outlet

Arshile Gorky and contemporary drawings at Outlet
June 6 – 29, 2014
Below,  a small selection from these exhibited artists: Gregory Amenoff,
William Anastasi, Judy Dolnick, Hermine Ford, Margrit Lewczuk, Michael Prodanou,
Joan Snyder, Joan Witek and Liz Ainsile, Todd Bienvenu, Andrea Burgay,
Joshua Cave, Paul D’Agostino, Thomas Micchelli, Lucy Mink, Ryan Michael Ford,
EJ Hauser, Steve Harding, Susanna Heller, Daniel Herr, Christine Hiebert,
Andrew Hurst, Leslie Kerby, Francesco Longenecker, Brooke Moyse, 

Mike Olin, Cathy Nan Quinlan, Sarah Schmerler, Natalie Simon,
Andrew Szobody, Colin Thomson, and Jessica Weiss.

Arshile Gorky, To My Mogouch, 1946

Arshile Gorky, To My Mogouch, 1946 (detail)

EJ Hauser

Mike Olin

Christine Hiebert

Colin Thompson

Liz Ainslie

Paul D’Agostino

Lucy Mink

Sarah Schmerler

Jessica Weiss

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