Sunday, August 23, 2015

“Torn and Fired” at Outlet

“Torn and Fired: new work in collage and clay” at Outlet
Curated by Jason Andrew
July 31 – August 16, 2015
With Nancy Armitage, Connie Bostic, Elisabeth Condon, Paul D’Agostino, Ali Della Bitta, 
Rachel Farmer, Rebecca Goyette, Libby Hartle, Elana Herzog, Roxanne Jackson, Kristen Jensen, 
Ellen Letcher, Oliver Ralli, Robert Raphael, Jeff Schwarz, Jerry Seguin, Elisa Soliven, 
Andrew Szobody, Sue Burdick Young, Terry Young

Please see the entire collection at:
Elena Herzog

Elena Herzog

Jeff Schwarz

Paul D'Agostino

Paul D'Agostino

Paul D'Agostino

Paul D'Agostino

Ellen Lecher

Sue Burlick Young (cylinders above) and Roxanne Jackson (left), Rebecca Goyette (right)

Elizabeth Condon

Elisa Soliven

Kristen Jensen

Libby Hartle

Terry Young

Ali Della Bitta

Jerry Seguin

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