Thursday, November 19, 2015

Earth Dreams at Eagle Studio

Earth Dreams at Eagle Studio
Curated by Alyssa E. Fanning
Nov. 5 – 29, 2015
With Vince Contarino, Peggy Cyphers, Alec Dartley, Alyssa E. Fanning,
Michael Lee, Patrick Neal, Gary Petersen, Christopher Saunders, Christopher Schade,
Monika Sosnowski, Sarah Walker, Alyssa Walker, and Eric Wolf

Vince Contarino, Christopher Saunders, Alyssa Walker, Alyssa Fanning, Christopher Schade

Michael Lee

Gary Petersen, Christopher Schade, Michael Lee

Monika Sosnowski, Patrick Neal, Alec Dartley, Daniel Zeller, and Gary Petersen

Eric Wolf, Michael Lee, and Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker, Alyssa Fanning, Daniel Zeller, and Peggy Cyphers

Monika Sosnowski

Alec Dartley

Daniel Zeller

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