Tuesday, November 15, 2016

“Machines of Paint and Other Materials”

“Machines of Paint and Other Materials”
Curated by Jennifer Riley
With Sharon Butler, Cora Cohen, Elizabeth Hazan, Kathleen Kucka, Doreen McCarthy, Marci MacGuffie, Laura Newman, Erin O’Brien, Nakima Draper-Ollin, Lisa Stefanelli, Jennifer Riley, Patrick Burns, Nathaniel Flagg, Craig Fisher, Michael Geshwer, Julian Hatton, Erick Johnson, Russell Roberts, Steve West, Kelly Wilson

Studio 1046, a temporary space at 72 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY.
Sept. Oct. 24, 2016

For more pictures, see Sharon Butler's blog, Two Coats of Paint:

 (l-r) Russell Roberts, Laura Newman, Erin O’Brien, Jennifer Riley




Jennifer Riley

Sharon Butler

Elizabeth Hazan

(l-r) Kathleen Kucka and Susan Scott

Cora Cohen

Cora Cohen (above) and Jennifer Riley

Laura Newman

Russell Roberts

Erin O’Brien

Kelly Wilson

Nakima Ollin

Erick Johnson (top), Susan Scott (middle) and Erin O’Brien

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