Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Citings/Sightings at Lennon Weinberg

Citings/Sightings at Lennon Weinberg
 June 22 – Sept. 16, 2017
Conceived by Jill Moser, and organized with Melissa Meyer.
They reached out to the women artists who either are currently or were formerly
represented by the gallery. 


Please visit the show’s unique website for greater detail:

(l-r) Joan Mitchell and Shirley Jaffe

Louise Fishman

(l-r)Gertrude Fisher-Fishman and Razel Kapustin

Harriet Korman

Melissa Meyer

Lee Krasner

(l-r) Dona Nelson, Ruth Hardinger, Harriet Korman, Mary Hambleton, Eva Hesse, Robin Hill

Frances Barth

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