Tuesday, January 26, 2016

“Color Matters” at The Painting Center

“Color Matters” at The Painting Center
Jan. 5 30, 2016
With Ophir Agassi, Carla Aurich, Marianne DeAngelis, Stephanie Franks, April Hammock,
Fukuko Harris, Ruth Ava Lyons, Claudine Metrick, Louise P. Sloane,
Barbara Campbell Thomas, Kimberly Thorpe and Becky Yazdan

Louise P. Sloane

Barbara Campbell Thomas

Becky Yasdan

Carla Aurich

Carla Aurich

Claudine Metrick

Fukuko Harris

Kimberly Thorpe

Marianne DeAngelis

Ophir Agassi

Ruth Ava Lyons

Stephanie Franks

April Hammock

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