Tuesday, January 26, 2016

“Sideshow Nation IV: Through the Rabbit Hole” at Sideshow Gallery

Richard Timperio’s Annual Exhibition of over 600 Brooklyn artists,
Sideshow Nation IV: Through the Rabbit Hole”
319 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Jan. 19 — April 10, 2016
Gallery hours: Thurs to Sun: 12 - 6pm

This show bountifully rewards multiple visits: my second records a different selection. To see those on this blog, click here.

 (A note: this year Sideshow Gallery joined with Life On Mars Gallery for Sideshow Nation. LOM Gallery is covered in the following post.)

Victor Kord

John Zinsser

Ben Pritchard

Lori Ellison

Lawrence Swan

Deborah Brown (above) and Katinka Mann

Janet Kurnatowski

Nicolas Carone

Shari Mendelson

Lois Dickson

Michael David

Gordon Feary

John Mendelshon

Anne Russinof

Pierre Obando

David Fratkin

Rick Briggs

Jodie Manasevit

Kate Teale (above) and Marthe Keller

Pamela lawton

Nancy Manter

Tony Saunders

Louisa Waber

Eric Ansel

Jim Osman

Tony Saunders

Mario Naves

Kylie Heidenheimer

Emily Berger

Erick Johnson

Cora Cohen

Nicola Ginzel

Russell Roberts

Len Bellinger

Oriane Stender (above) and Susan Wanklyn

Susan Ross (top), Cynthia Hartling (middle) and Jonathan Niborg (below)

David Rich

Claire seidl

Eric Holzman

Joan Thorne

Carol Diamond

Art Guerra

Tamara Gonzales (above) and Maryanne De Angelis

Stephen Maine

Karen Flatow

Susanna Heller

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