Friday, April 29, 2016

“If This, Then What?” at Odetta Gallery

If This, Then What?” at Odetta Gallery
With Jeff Becker, Katherine Bennett, Matt Freiburghaus, Linda Herritt,
Pat Lay, Will Pappenheimer, Joan Raspo, and Kirsten Kay Thoen

April 29 May 22, 2016 
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In conjunction with the first Creative Technology Week, a city-wide festival, ODETTA is hosting a series of events to support artists who work with technology in both their concept development as well as the materials used to construct their works of art.
Concert: “DRONE, An Evening of Abstract Music ”
With Juan Pablo Arango on Double Bass, Jeff Becker on didgeridoo, Chris Kaczmarek on musical
sculptures, and Tony Saunders on synthesizer
Saturday, April 30 at 8
10 pm
Sunday May 1, 3
5 pm
Jeff Becker

Kay Thoen

Joan Raspo

Will Pappenheimer

Pat Lay

Linda Herritt

Matt Frieburghaus

Katherine Bennett

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